Patrick Ruijters


Nothing escapes the eye of the eloquent 48-year-old Patrick Ruijters. As floor coordinator, he ensures that the machines of milk powder factory Schils in Sittard continue to operate optimally. He is also in charge of work schedules. He has worked there for 22 years now, and to his great satisfaction. 

‘Every day is different. I have a lot of freedom in how I work and the atmosphere is good,’ says Patrick, who can be described as a unique mix of creativity, perfectionism and Limburg cordiality. After military service, six months in the construction industry and a career at a bicycle company, he started at Schils. We are not sure how he does it, but in addition to long day or night shifts surrounded by milk powder, he makes time for his Daniëlle and his ‘bonus children’ Liam (14) and Kiki (12), listens to music and is an mountain-biking fanatic. This tireless jack-of-all-trades is also a great photographer. He captures the most beautiful portraits and other subjects with his Hasselblad and regularly blogs for his photography website. Patrick started snowboarding a few years ago. ‘I prefer to do that in the mountains, on my powder snowboard,’ he says. Powder snowboard? “Yes.’ ‘Even on a winter sports holiday I can’t get away from white powder,’ he laughs.

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Every day is different. I have a lot of freedom in how I work.'
Patrick Ruijters -Schils