Production employee

Pros and cons

  • Interesting and challenging production work in a dynamic working environment 
  • Pleasant, informal working atmosphere 
  • Gaining production work experience, learning and advancement opportunities
  • Probability of a permanent contract of employment
  • In first instance via temporary employment agency
  • Alternating shifts

What are you going to do at Ekro?

  • Ekro regularly has vacancies, especially in our production departments.
  • We are looking for people in a variety of positions, from 'cutting edge' employees (e.g. with a SVO diploma) to packaging and forwarding employees.
  • Are we satisfied with your work? Then after a certain period of time you will receive a secondment agreement, with the prospect of an employment contract. 

What we offer you:

  • An interesting production job in an informal working atmosphere, initially as a temporary worker.
  • If we both are satisfied, you will receive an employment contract with Ekro after some time. In this period you will also be trained: we offer at least an HACCP training (on hygiene and food safety).
  • Also a BBL-2 training (with official diploma) belongs to the possibilities.

Does a production function suit you?

  • You are available full time.
  • You are a real go-getter who is stress resistant.
  • You are skilled or motivated to become skilled in the future.



If you would like to know more about these vacancies, please contact Timing, our Incompany employment agency. Through them you can get a position within one of our production departments.
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About Ekro

“When you ask for veal, we serve a concept” is Ekro’s motto. The company from Apeldoorn supplies veal around the globe, whether customers want technical components or kitchen-ready consumer products. Ekro is the biggest veal processor in the world and works to stay ahead in order to maintain its valued position.

VanDrie Group

The VanDrie Group, a Dutch family-run company with branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and Germany, produces veal and beef, (calf) feed, raw dairy materials and calfskins. We work with respect for people and animals in a modern, safe, hygienic environment with an eye for training and development.

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