About VanDrie Group

The VanDrie Group, a Dutch family-run company with branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and Germany, produces veal and beef, (calf) feed, raw dairy materials and calfskins. We work with respect for people and animals in a modern, safe, hygienic environment with an eye for training and development.

"The work is challenging and varied."

Aniko Kover - Ekro
About VanDrie Group

Aniko Kover


Every morning, the alarm on Aniko Kover’s (34) nightstand goes off at five o’clock. And without exception, she gets up with a smile on her face, excited to go back to ‘her’ Ekro. Minalou waves goodbye from the giant cat tower. ‘I was the first foreign employee and the first woman in our department,’ she says with pride.

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