Our Companies

Our family values are our guiding factor. We enter into long-term partnerships, we are approachable and have an eye for what we are leaving behind for the next generations. We make veal and beef products, (calf) feed, raw dairy materials and calfskins. Products that we sell all over the world and that are of an undisputed quality.
We work efficiently and prioritise quality in every link of our chain. Our companies work together to implement improvements. For although every company has its own responsibilities and tasks, we know that we depend on one another. Together, we make the VanDrie Group. Together, we form our chain.

Arjens Boom

He had been one of Alpuro Breeding’s clients for years, but now the roles are reversed. As a calf specialist and ColoQuick expert, Arjens Boom represents Alpuro Breeding to assist dairy farmers in rearing calves on their farms. “You only get one shot at giving a calf a good start.”

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