Annelien de Groot - de Pater

Annelien de Groot-de Pater joined Labora as an intern 12 years ago. In the years that followed, she held many different jobs within the laboratory. Currently, she is an all-round front office assistant, but still takes plenty of samples and conducts analyses.

Annelien is not one to sit still; she recently gave birth to her second child. “After my maternity leave, I couldn’t wait to get back to work. At home, I’m also always on the go, with the kids, keeping the house tidy or running errands. My days are packed from morning till night. But I make sure to maintain a good work-life balance.”

"There is always room for improvement. Fortunately, everything is possible here. That’s what makes Labora such a great place to work at for me."

Annelien de Groot - de Pater

Marco Ribbink

Collecting samples from slaughterhouses, conducting microbiological and chemical analyses at the laboratory, LIMS management, report design: Annelien is familiar with all operations within Labora. “A personality test showed that I am quite direct and extroverted. Those qualities come in handy for front office work. Since taking this position, my job has consisted mainly of front office activities, which I really enjoy. I would like to grow to the role of front office team leader, so I can take on more responsibility for certain tasks. My supervisor knows this and we are looking into the options. It’s nice to be heard and to have your wishes taken seriously.”

She loves learning new things. At the VanDrie Group, she is given the space to do so. "With the help of my colleagues, I have grown in my current position, but I want to make further strides. I naturally like to learn new things. I have no agricultural training or background, which I notice from time to time in my work as assistant head of calf husbandry. I really need to delve into certain topics sometimes. That makes things difficult, but also fascinating."

In her spare time, Maria likes to be creative: diamond painting, drawing and building models. “My husband loves to be out and about, so we regularly go hiking or shopping together. I really enjoy myself both at home and at my work."

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