Douglas Karreman

Fresh out of school, Douglas Karreman thought he would go into horticulture, like the rest of his family. But things turned out differently. “I got a job as a packer at T. Boer & Sons for three months, but never left,” he looks back. “I’ve been working here for 25 years now.”

He took any work that came his way, which is how he worked his way up from packer to expedition coordinator. “I have done every possible training course in the meat industry and I’m still not done learning. I’ll be starting a course on leadership soon. I don’t want to keep doing the same work over and over; it gets to be too easy. I need to be challenged.”

"I enjoy teaching people and helping them improve."

Douglas Karreman

Marco Ribbink

As expedition coordinator, Douglas is in charge of order picking and everything that entails. He also manages colleagues and trains new employees. “We have a large group of young men who just started working here. They have to enjoy their work; that’s my main aim. It’s a big advantage having done all the work before myself, so I know what it’s like.”

By being clear, honest and friendly, and occasionally making time for fun, Douglas creates the right atmosphere in the workplace. “And it’s also important that I listen to my team. I am not above them but among them, and enjoy engaging with them. I have a good sense of how to deal with everyone. My tone is sterner with some while gentler with others.”

He puts his qualities to use outside of work, too. “I enjoy teaching people and helping them improve. I also do that at the shooting range, which I really love. I give safety instructions and teach people more about shooting sports. I love enthusing others about such a great hobby.”

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