Elbert van de Kolk


Elbert van de Kolk has passion in abundance. This 26-year-old service technician and adventurer at Alpuro is a local from Uddel who lives around the corner from his workplace. He is not only indispensable at the department of the feed factory, but in the village, too.  

Elbert’s boss has no problem with the fact that he, being a volunteer of the fire brigade, drops everything and heads out to douse fires when he receives an alarm call. For this job, he learned how to perform CPR and how to handle dangerous substances, in addition to fighting fires. ‘I like being able to do something for someone else. And it gives me some variation from my job,’ he says. Elbert started as a holiday help, and one thing led to another. He now checks the machines and makes sure that every screw and bolt is in place. He feels at home at Alpuro and there are plenty of career opportunities. If he does not get promoted, it will not be due to lack of effort on Elbert’s part: he is currently enrolled in the follow-up electrical engineering course. And if he has any spare time, the hero of Uddel devotes all of his attention to his wife Jolinda, whom he recently married.

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'I feel at home at Alpuro and there are plenty of career opportunities.'
Elbert van de Kolk -Alpuro