Fuaad Hassan


Fuaad Hassan is not a very common name for those who were born in Apeldoorn. In 1990, five years before he was born, Fuaad’s parents had to flee from the civil war in Somalia. He has never been to the country where their roots lie, but he wants to go there with his mother one day. The office of the modern veal slaughterhouse ESA has been his workplace for four years.

This is where Fuaad is in charge of invoices, amongst other things, as sales support. ‘I also approach companies regarding the transport of our products,’ he says. ESA employs about four hundred people, but he knows everyone who works in his own small department. ‘The atmosphere is great, it’s really nice,’ he says enthusiastically. ‘We get along well and have lunch together in the canteen. And there’s always time for a joke.’ Fuaad, the middle child of three, still lives at home. There, in Zevenhuizen, you can often find him playing his Playstation (beating Fuaad at Call of Duty is almost impossible) or thinking about the next step in his career and the courses he needs to take to get there. Next level assistant salesman and then swiftly onwards to account manager?

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