Marco Ribbink

Marco Ribbink's career at Navobi is a series of happy coincidences. He ended up there as a lorry driver through word of mouth, after which a vacancy on the notice board helped land him his dream job. "My work is hugely enjoyable. I don't need to look for relaxation; the work actually energises me."  

It sounds like a slightly odd switch: from driver to facilities coordinator. But for Marco Ribbink, this just made everything fall into place. "My father had his own cleaning company and I worked for him a lot when I was young. However, at the time he wanted to hand over the business, I was not mature enough for that and decided to become a lorry driver. At first, I worked for another company, but later I joined Navobi. When the vacancy for facilities coordinator became available there, it felt very logical to respond."

"It feels like it's your own business. The wonderful family atmosphere that exists here is impossible to explain to an outsider."

Marco Ribbink

Marco Ribbink

Marco manages the cleaning team and canteen staff. Together, they make sure the factory looks spick and span every day, inside and out. "We are going to install a new roof soon. This is a big project and completely new to me. However, I’m being given lots of time and assistance for that. That's the great thing about working for the VanDrie Group: people really are the main focus here. If you try hard and apply yourself, lots of doors will open for you. You always find a sympathetic ear and are taken seriously."

However big the VanDrie Group is now, Marco says the family feeling has never disappeared. "It feels like it's your own business. You won't find a better place to work, so I will definitely never leave here. The wonderful family atmosphere that exists here is impossible to explain to an outsider. You have to experience it for yourself."

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