Sven Raadschelders


Eagle eyes and a talent for mathematics: it’s obvious where Sven Raadschelders (31) got them from. His parents teach beta subjects at the lab technician course that he also took himself. After a few jobs, including ones at DSM and drinks giant Refresco, he started at the VanDrie Group in 2020 in a position full of variation.

He works on the development of milk substitutes in a small team at the Schils laboratory in Sittard. ‘We safeguard quality, conduct measurements and approve raw materials to make sure they don’t contain antibiotics, for example,’ he says. In his opinion, the atmosphere at work is more important than the good salary. And it just so happens that the sense of family is strongly present at Schils. Sven: ‘The lines are short: our directors often stop by to have a chat on the work floor.’ Speaking of family: the Raadschelders family was recently expanded. ‘I wanted to become a father before my thirtieth birthday, I’m ecstatic,’ he beamed. ‘Emma is a very happy child. She slept for seven hours without interruption from the beginning.’ The little one is lucky, because dad has a big collection of Disney movies and a testing ground full of modern and vintage consoles, including the latest games. They have a trip to Disneyland Paris planned for November. And maybe she will get to come along to Disney World in Orlando. Because one day, Sven and his Nikki will get married there.

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